I'm unable to ownload tranctions because Quicken thinks my subscription expired.

I get a message when logged into my account that my subscription needs to be resumed to download transactions. However under account details it has the correct info, 10 months remaining with an expiration date of June 2022


  • Boatnmaniac
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    I suggest you sign into Quicken as a different user:  Edit > Preferences > Cloud ID & Cloud Accounts > Sign in as a different user.  When you click on the link (highlighted below in yellow) follow the process to sign out of Quicken and when prompted to sign in be sure to you do so with your  existing Quicken ID and password.  Doing this will refresh the link between your Quicken installation and your Quicken.com account and should resolve the issue.

    Quicken Classic Premier (US) Subscription: R55.26 on Windows 11

  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you reset the Quicken ID associated with the Quicken file.  
    1. Select Edit > Preferences...
    2. Select Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts
    3. Select Sign in as a different user
    4. Enter yes 
    5. Select Sign Out
    6. Sign in with the subscription's Quicken ID.
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    Thank you both for your prompt responses. I Validated my file( checked validate file) and it looks like the issue is resolved, at least for now i was able to download transactions.
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