Account Balance / Net Worth reports are totally messed up

The left side bar correctly displays all account balances but the net worth reports are a mess. Specifically for investment accounts. I have seen this EXACT same issue reported on these boards over the last 2 years and it looks like nothing has ever been done except to close the discussion because too many people are reporting the same problem.

And NO, it is NOT related to closed accounts nor is it related to filters.


  • Jim_Harman
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    What version and edition of Quicken are you running? Go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what it says there.

    First, I suggest you go to File > Validate and Repair and validate your file. Sometimes this fixes issues like yours.

    Make sure you are using the built-in Net Worth report accessed from Reports > Accounts and Balances > Net Worth and not a saved report, Home tab widget, etc.

    If those steps doesn't fix it, you need to "divide and conquer." First back up your data file in case something goes wrong.

    Is the Net Worth report balance wrong for all of your investing accounts or just some of them? Usually the problem will be with just one or a couple of your accounts.

    Make sure there are no hidden Placeholders that are confusing things. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing Transactions and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked. Resolve any Placeholders by entering or adjusting missing or incorrect transactions.

    Pick a problem account and click on the Holdings button. Adjust the As of date and the ending date for the Net Worth report back in time until the balances agree. Then move the dates forward until you see a discrepancy. When you have isolated the transaction that is causing the problem, correct any obvious errors, then note the numbers, delete, and re-enter the transaction. Continue moving forward in time and correcting transactions until the final balances agree, then move on to the next account.

    Good luck, and let us know what you find.

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  • NowIC
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    I also wanted to add that in the Networth report on Home page under Customize/Accounts, the "Show hidden accounts" button does not turn off the hidden and closed accounts and are still being reported.
  • Jim_Harman
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    edited October 2021
    @NowIC, there has been much discussion about the Show Hidden accounts button. I think the long and short of it is that the button is mislabeled and its actual function is "Show Separate accounts".

    Depending on how you use Hidden and Separate accounts, that may or may not be what you want.

    See this discussion

    for more info. You may also want to comment and vote on this Idea post
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  • danb86
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    I struggled with this for months. My balance was correct but net worth was off.

    Jim's suggestion "Make sure there are no hidden Placeholders that are confusing things. Go to Edit > Preferences > Investing Transactions and make sure the Show hidden transactions box is checked" allowed me to find a hidden transaction.

    After I deleted it, my balance was off so I tried to hit ctrl-z to undo. Instead the ctrl-z did some recalculation and now both the balance and net worth appear correct.
  • Jim_Harman
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    Glad to hear your problem is resolved.

    FYI Quicken does not have an "Undo" function. If you have selected a data field in an investing account, Ctrl-Z will recalculate the account. 
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