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Dividing a checking account

My checking account has over 10,700 entries since 1994. Can I break up the account to keep all transactions prior to 12/31/2018 in one, inactive account and the current items, from 1/1/2019 in another active account.


  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Yes,  First deactivate the account for downloading transactions.
    Next setup a new account for downloading transactions.  Next delete any transactions in the new account that are already in the old account.  Pick a place of where you want to start the transfer from the old account to the new one and enter a transfer from that account to zero out the old account at that point and to establish the opening balance of the new account.

    And for the last step use this procedure to move the "later" transactions in the old account to the new one.
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken
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