How do I make reports with pie charts? (Q Mac)

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I would like to have category summaries displayed using pie charts. I don't see any options for doing that. I used to be able to do that in Quicken for Mac


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    You can't do this in Reports in Quicken Mac.

    What you can do is click on the individual account or account grouping (such as Banking or Cash or Credit Card), click Expenses or Income and you'll see the pie chart from there.  You can drill down for subcategories by clicking on the pie slice.

    You can set filters to see any time period, such as Month to Date or Monthly or Yearly, etc.  Or you can use any custom date you set.  You can also filter according to account or account grouping.  

    I find that I use the Banking grouping to see ALL my cash flow expenses.  And since I have Quicken auto enter all my transactions for the month on the first of the month, I select Monthly.

    If you need a printout with this chart, you can print the page by selecting File, Print ... or CMD + P.

    To see the account grouping or subgrouping in the Account Bar, click on the three dots above the Account sidebar and select Expand All Sidebar Groups. 
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    As @garysmith87 correctly explains, there is no charting option at this time in the reports you can create in Quicken Mac. (There was some limited charting in the 2010 era Quicken Essentials which was discontinued 7 years ago, and there was charting in the legacy Quicken 2007 from two decades ago. The current Quicken Mac is a complete re-write of the program, with some features which exceed Quicken 2007 and some features from Quicken 2007 which don't yet exist. New features are continually added, roughly every two months.)

    You should take a moment to add your vote to an existing Idea thread (request for new/enhanced features) about charts in reports: click here, and in the yellow box under the first post, click the small black arrow under the vote counter. 

    The only other note I'd add is that if you want or need charts, almost every report can be exported as a .csv file and opened in Excel or Numbers, where you can create whatever sort of chart you want. I know that's not as easy as being able to produce a chart within Quicken itself, but that -- along with the other ideas mentioned by @garysmith87 above -- is what is available in Quicken Mac today.
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  • Does quicken for windows support charting?
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    Mharelick said:
    Does quicken for windows support charting?
    You might want to ask that as a new question in a Quicken windows category of this forum. Most Windows users don't read the Mac threads and visa versa.
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    As I explained... Quicken for Mac DOES support charting.

    It's just not in the Reports section.  Its in the individual account or account grouping Expenses or Income area.

    Quicken Windows allows many areas where pie charts can be created in Reports or in multiple views on the Desktop Views.  

    But to be honest, if configured correctly I don't see any difference in the presentation or the actual numbers between Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac.  It just takes different ways of getting to the graph area and then customizing the graph.  But the end result in almost every case is the same.  

    And in both formats, you can export your data to Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets and create your own charts if you feel the need to do so.  

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