Error Message when trying to One-Step Update SunTrust checking acct

I saw a now-closed thread on this issue. I was on phone w Quicken Tech Support for about two hours today, and the technician, Alan, was unable to solve the problem, but he gave me a case number and said maybe tomorrow they could get my case over to Tier3 Tech Support which could maybe solve this. But he said I should call SunTrust first. I am able to log in on their website using my username and PW, but Quicken gives me a message that I need to create a new password (which it never takes). I am very frustrated and would ask that Quicken elevate and escalate this problem to get it solved very soon. Prior to the last couple of weeks, I've had no problems updating SunTrust checking acct on Quicken. I have Quicken Premier for Windows, the most current edition. Help!


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    I thought that Suntrust was merged into a new company called TRUIST and that new company as yet has not contracted with Quicken for download support. 

    Search forum for - TRUIST 

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

  • Thanks Ps56k2, what you say sounds plausible.

    But how can this Bank, as a business, justify leaving its customers who depend on Quicken downloads into Quicken hanging and twisting slowly in the wind? And how long will they let this problem remain? Many people are affected and have expressed complaints. This issue does not augur well for the future of Truist, and may well reflect poorly on Quicken itself, because both companies should have proactively planned in advance for a smooth transition of their SunTrust/Quicken downloads to become Truist/Quicken downloads.

    I hope somehow that top management of Quicken and Truist become painfully aware of this painful problem for their customers and fix this problem pronto! I still can't do the update to my SunTrust checking account, and when I try to do so, after I use my SunTrust username and password (which gets me into my account through their website) I get a prompt that says that SunTrust requires me to change my password. But there are conflicting rules for passwords: SunTrust, on its website, says that passwords must contain a special character from an approved list (which mine does) but the prompt from Quicken says that special characters are not allowed. These internally inconsistent and contradictory rules constitute terrible customer care, on the part of both Quicken and SunTrust/Truist. I spent several hours yesterday and again today talking with Quicken Tech Support, with no result. When I call SunTrust tech support, I waited through a long queue, then when I started to descibe the problem, the call gets disconnected (purposely, I suspect). Outrageous.
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    You need to look at this thread:

    Especially this post:

    And keep some things in mind.  Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service, Intuit maintains agreements with over EDIT 15,000 financial institutions, the financial institutions are suppose to notify them of these kinds of changes.  They can't be proactive if the financial institutions aren't.  What's more the percentage of users of these financial institutions that are using Quicken is tiny.  It isn't at the top of their priority to keep Quicken working.

    The one failure on Quicken Inc's side, I see here is that Quicken Support should have been on top of this problem and told you right away that there isn't anyway that you can download transactions until the financial institution gets things sorted out.
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