I'd like to be able to display my categories in a different order. For example i have a category called expenses. Under that i have a subcategory called Bills & Utilities. Within that subcategory i want to put categories in a different order. Now they are in order alphabetically.


  • volvogirl
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    Start the category name with a number.

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  • NotACPA
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    But, if you have more than 10 categories, you need to start that numbering with 01, not merely 1. And with 001 if you have more than 100 sub-cats
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  • jacobs
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    If you're going to rename your categories to number them as suggested above, you might also consider whether you need the top category of Expenses (and Income). To me, that just adds unnecessary complication to your category system; Quicken knows what's income and what's expense. I'd eliminate that top level and move your current sub-categories, like Utilities, to be top-level categories. Then when you have sub-categories -- say Electric, Water, Sewer -- they are only one level down. This is easier to view in Quicken screens and reports. 
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