I don't understand how I can prepare my Quicken data to export in CVS to my accountant with Window Quickbooks?


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    Just send the Acct your Q data file.  You don't need to do anything else on your side for QB to be able to import the file.
    BUT NOTE, that the accountant can't make any changes to the file, because there is NO QB to Q conversion.
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    Doesn't your accountant know how?  Did he ask for a csv file?   Show him this.....

    To go from Mac Quicken to Windows QuickBooks, I  think you would have to first convert to Windows Quicken.  I'm not sure how to convert Mac Quicken into Windows Quicken.  

    Then once you get your data converted to WIndows Quicken you can convert to Windows QuickBooks,
    Quicken for Windows data can be converted to QuickBooks using the data converter built into the QuickBooks software.  QuickBooks has to be the same year or newer than the Quicken version.  Quicken to QuickBooks data conversion is a one-way conversion. It is not possible to convert QuickBooks data to Quicken. Once a QuickBooks conversion has been performed on your Quicken data, the data can no longer be opened in Quicken. For this reason you should make a backup of your Quicken data prior to any conversion or perform the conversion on a copy of your Quicken data. 

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    @NotACPA  I'm not sure, but I doubt Quickbooks can import a Quicken Mac file. 

    @volvogirl You cannot convert a Quicken Mac file to Quicken Windows. Well, you can, but it will lose all the investment transactions, so I wouldn't recommend this. 

    @Linda Villarreal If the issue is exporting data to a .csv file, this question has been answered in the other thread you posted this question in. (In short, select All Transactions, set the date filter to the period you want, and select Export on the File menu.)

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