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Creating reconcilliation reports for previous months

I am having trouble creating a reconcilliation report for a previous months. For example I created one for July 2021 but when I try to create another month (April, May, June, August, etc...) it gives me the same data for July. What am I doing wrong?


  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @ slblake,

    Once you perform a reconciliation for a given month - you can't go back and try to reconciliate prior months that you may have skipped.  To do so (or even try to do so) would be useless since a successful reconciliation process proves that the account balances up to and including the date of the reconciliation.

    So, there is no reason to look back - you need to look forward...  which leads me to your comment that you reconciled July, but can't reconcile for August.  That does not sound right.  Can you give me some more on what happens when you try to reconcile August?


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  • splasher
    splasher SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It is not possible to go back to a previous reconciliation since later transactions have now been reconciled.  In fact, you can't even redo a reconcile immediately after doing one, there is nothing to reconcile.
    If you possibly had a backup of the file from the day before the reconcile was done, you could restore it (don't overwrite your current file, have restore make a copy) and do the reconcile again.

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  • slblake
    slblake Member ✭✭
    @Frankx and @splasher I have already done the reconcile, I want to print the report that shows the details of the reconciliation from prior months to attach to my bank statement. The only way I have been able to do this successfully is doing one then closing Quicken, reopening Quicken and do another. The process I do is, I go to Reports->Banking ->Reconciliation. A window pops up and I enter the title of the report, then the date I want included in the report, then I have a choice between "all transactions" or "summary and uncleared" and then click OK. The first one I do is okay, but when I run it again no matter what date I put in, it only shows the information from the first one I did. Hope this better explains what I am trying to do. Also I am using the subscription version of Quicken.
  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @slblake,

    Thank you for the clarification.  

    Yes, with reconciliation reports, you will only be able to print the report for the last reconciliation you completed. 

    But there is no way to print any prior reports (with the only exceptions being: 1) a case where you completed the reconciliation and saved the printed report for that reconciliation, or 2) you completed the reconciliation and did not print it, but before you have performed another reconciliation, you may go back into quicken and print only that last reconciliation report (but no reports prior to it).  This second case is what you describe above.  You've gone back and printed a report - and regardless of what date you may input it only remembers and can only print the last one you completed.

    This is documented in this Snip:


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  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    @Frankx That statement in the Reports & Graph section is a bit misleading/incorrect.

    You can see the proper "effect" if you go through Reports -> Banking -> Reconcile.
    You will notice that Reconcile is grayed out if you aren't in an account.  The report runs a reconcile report for the account that you are currently in.

    In the case of the Reports & Graph one it doesn't get grayed out, but if you aren't in an account when you select this you will get a report that has everything zeroed out.  If you are in an account that is what it is going to report on.

    But the fundamental thing to understand is that the report is generating the report based on what is currently in the register and the storing of the last reconcile transactions.

    Lets imagine that I run a reconcile where half the uncleared transactions are on or before the reconcile date.  Once I have finished those transactions will be in the reconciled state that the other half of the uncleared transactions won't be, and it will show up on the report like that.  Now time goes on and I do another reconcile this time all the transactions are reconciled.  If I now go back and try to get a report like I had on the first reconcile I won't be able to do it, because all of the transactions have been reconciled.

    What's more there is one part of the reconcile report that is in fact saved, and isn't directly read out of the register.  If you select All Transactions then on the second page it will print the transactions that were in the last reconcile.  It doesn't store every reconcile so even if you change the "Show to bank balance as" date you would get the transactions that were in a reconcile report in a reconcile that was done at that time.
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