Show Portfolio Value for Multiple Dates at a Time?

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  • SVanDee
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    Is there a way to get Quicken for Mac to show the Portfolio Value for more than one date at a time? Maybe define a date range and interval and get the values for each date in the range?

    (Why? I've been asking for an IRR report over a user defined time interval since beta test days without success. (sigh) I just discovered Excel's XIRR function. Thought maybe if I could export portfolio values, VBA (macro) code in Excel could put it together with an exported Transactions report in the form the XIRR function expects. I don't know how much I'd actually use the capability since Quicken doesn't appear to offer any way to automate dumping data to external files (sigh) but I'd like to try.)
  • jacobs
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    No, I don't know of any way to create an exportable report to show the value of each security holding or account holding for every day within a date range.

    Although neither now exist, my guess is you'd have more chance of success lobbying for an IRR over a user-specified date range than a report like this. ;)
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