Why have all of my passwords been deleted from my password vault?

I am having problems with BillPay-especially with PNC Bank. I see that there are known issues with PNC. When I tried to use OneStep Update for all of my other accounts, I noticed all of my passwords are missing from my password vault? Is this a security concern (hacked and passwords stolen) or a known problem that occurs internally with Quicken?


  • Sherlock
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    Unless you use the Direct Connect connection method, your Password Vault should be empty.  

    Note:  Quicken no longer preserves the Express Web Connect credentials in the Password Vault.
  • Chris_QPW
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    edited September 2021
    Express Web Connect passwords are no longer stored in the Password Vault, only Direct Connect passwords are stored there now.

    The Express Web Connect passwords were always stored on the Intuit servers so they could provide the service, but were kept in the Password Vault too.  But recently they change up the flow from:
    Quicken -> Intuit server -> Financial institution's website
    Quicken -> Quicken Connections Service (Quicken cloud data set) -> Intuit server -> Financial institution's website

    When they made this change they dropped the "redundant" passwords in the Password Vault.

    See this article:
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