want to get an itemized and totaled up report, for different categories

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I know I"ve done this before but now can't remember how I did it.
doing 2020 taxes. Have all business expenses categorized.
I can pull up all the transactions over 2020 in a category.
How do I get a report that shows them all, and adds them up for me?
And to print that report


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    I suggest you consider using a customized Itemized Categories report: select Reports > Spending > Itemized Categories and Last Year in the Date range: pull down menu.
    To print a report, press Ctrl + P.
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    Hi @pdxmaven

    There are probably a couple of ways to get what you need.

    One way would be to use a tax report.  If you go to "Reports" > "Tax" > "Tax Schedule" that will give you a report by tax schedule (such as Schedule A - Itemized Deductions, Schedule B - Interest and Dividend Income, and Schedule C- Business Income & Deductions - which seems to be the one that you need).  You could also make a customized report - especially if you are only looking for several specific categories - by   going to "Reports" > Spending > Spending by Category and then selecting the categories that you need.  And if you are using the "Home, Business & Rental Property" version, you also could go to "Reports" > "Business" > and select from a number of different reports, including "Schedule C- Profit or Loss form Business" and "Tax Schedule" for the business.

    Those are top of the head ideas, but the reporting features of Quicken are pretty flexible so I suggest that you try a few different approaches to get what you need.  Also please feel free to post back if you encounter any problems or need more specific help.

    Good luck!

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    This is the original poster. Thanks Frankx and Sherlock for your help. After a huge frustrating amount of time with CHAT, I finally got it. The reports I am looking for (at least the way I do my taxes, which is category by category) are accessed through the "gear" icon in the upper Right, then "more reports" and then I make a custom report for the correct dates. And there is what I need. WHEW!
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