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After updating my accounts and I need to manually choose a transaction there is a list of transactions and i choose the transaction or transactions that I want, how do I remove the outstanding transactions that is in the list. Some of the transactions go back to last year.
Hope this is not to confusing.

Thank you for any help


  • splasher
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    If you are referring to the Download Transactions window at the bottom of a non-investment account register, the current version of subscription allows you to select a range of transactions (just like selecting a range in any Windows program) and then click on the delete button to delete the selected range.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @mjm4200,

    When you download transactions from your financial institutions, for each transaction that is downloaded, you are given the opportunity to:

    a) match the downloaded transaction to an existing transaction in the account register;
    b) accept the transaction into the register as a new transaction;
    c) take other actions, such as correct amount or other information, or delete the transaction, etc.

    Is this the "process" that you are talking about above?


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  • mjm4200
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    Hi Frankx,
    Yes this the process I am asking about.