How do I store transaction attachments on my PC instead of the cloud?

I only use Quicken Delux v. R35.31 on my desktop, and there is information on how to add attachments at this url

The instructions say that you can change where the attachments are stored, i.e., you can choose to have them on your PIC instead of in the cloud. However, there are no instructions on that page and no links to any other page explaining how to set up Quicken to do that.

I don't like putting things in clouds. I just want them on my PC. I don't want to put them into the cloud and then have to download them.

How can I set up my Quicken to automatically store attachments on my PC?

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  • Nedda
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    Thank you so much, Chris. This is a very thorough answer, and I appreciate the detail. I believe I'm out of questions. :)


  • Scooterlam
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    The way I read this support article (excerpts below),  if you use Quicken Mobile or web and have Sync turned on (Edit>Preferences>Mobile and Web), you have the option of saving your attachment in the cloud.   

    If you don't use either of these features, then your attachment is stored on your computer.

    Not sure why the reference to "Mobile and Alerts" in the second excerpt...

    I'm a desktop only user at this stage.

  • Nedda
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    Thanks for a quick response. :)

    I just tried attaching a photo of something I bought online this morning, and it works just fine. However, I can't tell where the image was stored. I closed Quicken, deleted the image file from my downloads location, reopened Quicken, and suddenly had to sign in to my Quicken account, which I haven't had to do since I upgraded to this version more than 6 months ago.

    This makes me wonder whether the image was actually stored in the cloud or in my Quickin data file. If it's in my data file, why would I have to sign in ?

    I checked to make sure the image is still there attached to the transaction and it is. So the fact that I deleted it from where it was on my PC proves Quicken stored it somewhere, but I have no idea where. Would love to know how I could be sure where the image is located.
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    First off let me say that the Quicken cloud data set only allows attaching images, you will see why this is important for the rest.

    Your attachments are definitely stored in the Quicken Desktop data file, but that is only part of the story.
    You can open your data file (only for reading) using 7-Zip (it is free).  Here is what you will see:

    The Attachments are store in folders under Attach.  What you are seeing here is the exact same files/folders you would have seen in versions before Quicken 2010.  Starting in Quicken 2010 they started storing the different files/folders in a Zip like file.  Note that if you try to change things using 7-Zip it will mess it up.

    Note that "Online Bills/Quicken Bill Manager" "Statement PDFs" aren't stored here, they are in the Quicken Cloud data set.

    Now for the attachments that are images.  If you have Sync to Mobile/Web they will be synced to the Quicken Cloud data set.

    What's more any account that is using Express Web Connect will also sync those images to the Quicken Cloud data set.  Why Express Web Connect?  Because it is using the same sync for the transactions, and as such when it also sends the images.  Note that the other file types would probably be synced, but they never put in the support for viewing such files, like PDF files, on Quicken Mobile/Web, so they also don't sync them.

    Express Web Connect, connection flow:
    Quicken -> QCS -> Inuit servers -> Financial institution's website.

    See this thread about that:
    This is my website:
  • Nedda
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    Thank you so much, Chris. This is a very thorough answer, and I appreciate the detail. I believe I'm out of questions. :)