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Why does quicken treat cd price like a bond? Ii downloads the price of a hundred dollars instead of $1. It changes the quantity to balance the transaction. Quicken blames the broker and the broker blames quicken. I have to manually change the prices.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Does your brokerage show a price of $1? My brokerage (Morgan Stanley) agrees with Quicken that the unit price is $100.

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    Quicken blames the broker and the broker blames quicken. I have to manually change the prices.
    Quicken does not supply prices for CDs.  That data is supplied by the financial institution as part of reporting their balances and holdings in the account.  The program then uses what the FI supplies.  It sounds to me as if they are being inconsistent in this manner for you.   
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    If you buy a certificate of deposit whether through a bank or financial institution, the unit price is $1.00 not $100.00. That said, the unit price in Fidelity is $1.00. How it get changed to $100 is a mystery. BTW, this has been going on for many years.
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    Go to the Security Detail page for the CD and check what the Security type is set to. It should be CD and not Bond.
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    It is set correctly. When Q came out with a separate classification for CDs, I thought that would solve it but no chance. I'll have to manually input the correct prices as I've done for years.
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    The security setting isn't going to change this.  That is for "grouping" and such in reports.
    What controls if it is going to use 1 means 100 is the "action" of the transaction.  "Bonds Bought".
    And the price itself is provided by the broker in the data sent to Quicken when downloading transactions.

    Which broker is this?

    The details for the pricing is found in the OFX data (Help -> Log Files -> OFX Log).
    There is going to be both a "buy/sell" section which determines the "action" for the transaction.
    Here is a mutual fund buy:

    Then later down there is a section that uses the UNIQUEID to state what the current price is.
                        <MEMO>Price as of date based on closing price

    And as @q_lurker said the broker probably has an inconsistency in the way they are reporting these entries.
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