Merge two credit card accounts

Had to replace my credit card and ended up with transactions in two separate accounts. How do I combine them into one account?
I searched the site and surprisingly did not find an answer. I came across a question about merging two checking accounts w/o an answer.


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    Hi @Ridgerider

    Sorry to hear that you ended up with two accounts where there should be only one. 

    Typically, when a credit card gets replaced (which I have gone through a few times already) it is best to: first just disconnect the account from online services, then change the credit card account number on the "Account Details" tab, and then reconnect the the new credit card with the financial institution.

    Since that isn't available now, I suggest that you move the credit card transactions form the old account to the new, using the "Move transactions" function.

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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