Why does my spending report have the WRONG TOTAL?

I have a spending vs. budget report. After the last update, it is adding up the numbers WRONG. It's adding the subtotals as line items, DOUBLING the total spending. I have the same report from April and it worked. When I repeated the report with the full fiscal year, I got COMLETELY WRONG NUMBERS!
Luckily I noticed this BEFORE I submitted my tax returns to the IRS and CA EDD.
So then, I tried to "Report a problem from the app. IT CRASHED multiple times.

I'm paying for this. Rather, my NON-PROFIT is paying for this. I'm very upset that I'm paying for something that could potentially 1. report WRONG values to the IRS and lose us our non-profit status and 2. reporting the wrong information to our members! :s


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It's a known phenomenon that sometimes a Quicken update somehow "breaks" saved reports, and that may be what you're experiencing here, though it might also be some sort of data corruption.
    You might try making some minor Customization to the report, e.g., delete a Category, save the report, and then opening it again, to see if that corrects the problem.  If it does then add that deleted Category back.  It's also frequently suggested that you re-create the saved report from scratch as that approach should also result in "good" numbers.
    The crashing of the program can be the result to corruption of one sort or another so I'd suggest a Validation of the data file as the first step.