Need to move to another computer

I am updating my computer. (long story). I had a power outage that wiped out my computer and had to borrow one temporarily until I could get one of my own.

I owned Quicken H&B (2019) but wasn't able to swing the $$ to renew my subscription back in January. I contacted Quicken about it since I was unable to get my software to work. They told me I had to apply a 'patch' which would basically take me BACK to the software prior to any updates that had occurred from the time I no longer had a subscription -- to the date I was trying to re-install.

I now have a computer that I need to put the software onto but am unable to find where the patches are or were. I need some step by step instructions on where to find them and how to apply them. I have something in my current quicken file that shows 'patch' but I'm unable to copy it to my external drive that I plan to use to transfer my data.

hoping someone can help with this? Is it possible I can use my original install disks and not apply updates? I don't recall how I did it the last time