Credit Card Transactions Not Downloading

A couple months ago, Quicken update stopped working for my Barclay credit card account (Express Web Connect, Direct Connect not available). I hate banks anyway, so I figured I'd switch over to a credit union.

So I opened a card at Sound Credit Union where I have Checking and Savings, which sync no problem. The credit card will not download either through Express Web Connect or Direct Connect.

So I tried another Credit Union, Kitsap. Same problem. Kitsap uses Digital Insight software for their accounts, and Sound Credit Union's site looks exactly the same so I'm assuming they do, too.

I am not interested in downloading a qfx file and importing it into Quicken for a number of reasons.

This is the fundamental function of Quicken for me. It is beginning to appear that this is a Quicken-side issue. Does anyone know what the problem is and if it is on the Quicken side, when it's likely to be fixed?


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    Here's the entry in FIDIR.TXT for Kitsap Credit Union.
    They Support Direct Connect, Web Connect and Express Web Connect, but using Direct Connect doesn't appear to support downloading Credit info.
    SO, which download method are you using to connect to them?  Since you don't want to download a QFX and import it (which would be Web Connect), you may need to change to using Express Web Connect, but you'll give up being able to directly pay bills if you do so.
    NOTE, that what download methods to support, and what account types to provide for such support is ENTIRELY the decision of the financial institution ... NOT Quicken.  So your comment about this being a "Quicken side issue" is just plain wrong.

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    Sound Credit Union - New  and Kitsap Credit Union only support credit accounts using the Express Web Connect or Web Connect connection methods.  Note: We may not mix the Direct Connect and Express Web Connect connection methods of a sign-in account at a financial institution.  
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    I'm not concerned with paying bills automatically through Quicken, only about downloading transactions (including specific Payee data, not just "Loan Advance," for example). I've tried both Express Web Connect and Direct connect for both Sound and Kitsap, to no avail.
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    At this point I'd go back to Barclay, if even that would work again.
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