Can you archive old categories? (Q Mac)

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I have used Q since 1988 and have many old categories I do not want to appear when using the drop down menu and would prefer not to delete. Is there a way to achieve them? Also do I understand that if I delete them the category type just is blank?


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    (Deleted comments as they were not applicable to Mac.)

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  • Irish
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    This is a Mac. Nowhere do I find a tools list, nor in the category list is there a place to hide. Any advice?
  • RickO
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    @Irish You are correct that in QMac, that while you can hide Payees, you cannot hide Categories. It is a frequently requested feature. The only workaround I've come up with is to put a "z" in front of the names of "retired" categories so at least they sort to the bottom of the popup list.
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    @Irish You should add your vote for this functionality by clicking here; in the yellow box, click the little black arrow under the counter. This idea is "Under Consideration" by the developers; more votes can help push this up their priority list. 
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