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We have a business credit card and a personal credit card and sometimes things are purchased with the wrong card. How can I get the charges moved to the correct place in Quicken so our business expenses stay under the business section and visa versa.


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    Well, if you made a business purchase on your personal credit card, it needs to stay there in Quicken to match what happened in the real world. You would simply use the appropriate work-related category in Quicken. Conversely, if you made a personal purchase on your business credit card, the transaction stays in your business credit card account, and you'd just use a personal expense category. 
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    I agree, categories and/or tags are the best way to separate your business expenses from your personal expenses.

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    @ShiversShack, a question.
    If you WERE able to move that "business transaction charged on a personal card" to the Business card account in Q ... HOW would you be able to reconcile EITHER card account? 
    The personal card account would be missing a transaction and the business card account would have an extraneous transaction.

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