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Childhood Dreams...

Quicken Anja
Quicken Anja Moderator mod
edited February 8 in The Water Cooler
It is officially Spooky Season, so let's play our own version of virtual dress-up!

What would your occupation be if you had followed your childhood dreams?

I would have become a Prima Ballerina at the New York City Ballet.

What about you?
-Quicken Anja


  • BK
    BK Member ✭✭✭✭
    I have always wanted to be a biomedical engineer and focus on helping patients with prosthesis.  I studied electronics instead.  Biggest regret of my life for not following what I remain extremely passionate about.
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  • maxwelwp
    maxwelwp Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Childhood goal was to become a highway patrolman and get the bad guys in high speed chases and shootouts.
    Later years followed a mechanical engineering path which included computer system development/ management and eventually project and program management. No regrets!!!

    “Never stop dreaming,never stop believing,never give up,never stop trying, andnever stop learning.”
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  • FlyerFran
    FlyerFran Windows Beta Beta
    I would have taken a job at Home Depot when they started out in Atlanta.
  • Rusty Dockery
    Rusty Dockery Member ✭✭
    Thought I would be a soldier. Joined ROTC as a freshman in college ... top cadet sophomore and junior year, granted first ROTC scholarship. After summer camp, I was honorably (but unceremoniously :-) discharged as the Army thought I'd have heart issues in my fifties. So ... degree in civil engineering, worked in oilfield, ran an equipment repair business, served hundreds of people as a real estate broker for 37 years ... still active at 76. Regret not serving, don't regret the fun I've had.
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