Excluding credit card transactions in reports when a credit card has been replaced

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I recently had to replace my AMEX card after a fraud transaction. When the new card was issued, it had a new account number. After I turned OFF the auto update for the old account, and added the new account, and then imported transactions, the new account DUPLICATED transactions from 90 days prior to the fraud incident. When I now build a spending report, I now get DUPLICATE transactions for this 90-day period. Is there a way to limit the transactions being reported from the NEW account to coincide with the last dated transaction in the OLD account?


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    What you really need to do is delete the duplicated transactions. Did you actually add a new account in Quicken?   What I have done when this happened was turn off the update and once the new card arrived turned it back on and connected the existing Quicken account to the new online account.  No transactions were duplicated 
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    I expect what you encountered was that AMEX moved the transactions from the old credit card account to the new credit card account so the first download treated these older transactions as "new", i.e., not yet downloaded.  Having encountered this "catch up" of transactions, you should not encounter this going forward in the new Quicken Account. 
    You can delete the old duplicates - duplicates in the sense that they exist in the old Quicken AMEX Account and the new AMEX Quicken Account - and stick with the new Account or, if this just happened, like "today", restore a backup and then continue to use the old Quicken AMEX Account as described by @bmciance .
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    Personally what I do in these cases isn't to create a new account.
    I deactivate the account for downloading, then go into the General tab and remove the account number and then go back to and activate the account again, linking the new online account with the old.

    Note that if this is a Direct Connect then most likely you will not get any duplicates because the unique Ids will stay the same (the financial institution is really just changing the account number not anything to do with the transactions).  For Express Web Connect it might change them and you will have duplicates if that happens.  Here is an article on a good way to deal with the duplicates.

    Note if you are using automatic transaction entry mode you can sort by the Status (blue dot) column to get all the New/New Match transactions together so that you can delete the transaction in bulk that aren't really new.
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