How to reconcile to zero when newly imported account & didn't get to pick date range of transactions

When i imported accts from online bank, it didn't let me pick import date range. So now I can't reconcile account to zero cause it didn't allow me to pick the date range. Not sure how to alter the starting balance to allow it to reconcile to zero witout having to create a large adjustment each month to balance the account. Please help


  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you enter the correct initial balance in the Amount column of the Opening Balance transaction in the register by typing the correct amount in the field and save the change you made to the transaction by selecting Save.  This should be a one-time change.
  • Chris_QPW
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    If you look at the first transaction its payee should be "Opening Balance".  The amount on that transaction should have been the current balance downloaded minus all the transactions in the register, getting the transactions to add up to what it think the current balance should be.

    You can just change the amount on the Opening Balance transaction to adjust it so that it is correct.
    Note the Opening Balance transaction is only special in the category it uses.  It is [Account Name] the "transfer to the same account" syntax is used to tell Quicken to just change the balance without changing any other account or category.
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