Investment Transaction entry without a ticker symbol

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I have a company 401K fund with investments that don't have ticker symbols. I am trying to enter a new transaction with a new Investment. I enter a "buy" order with the usual total cost, number of shares info. When I hit the save button I get a dialog box for a new security. I enter that it is a mutual fund and leave the symbol field blank. and I get an error that says "Missing security name securities must have a name" The security name is filled in but the symbol is blank so I suppose that this is the issue but I don't see how I can advance to getting the entry entered w/o this? I tired dummy symbol names with no luck. The account is not set up to do downloads.

I am using MacOS version 6.4.2


  • jacobs
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    I might be missing something in your description, but it should be easy to create securities with a dummy ticker symbol.

    Here, I've gone to the Securities window, clicked on new, and created a fake security:

    When I click Done, Quicken displays a warning that the Symbol isn't found:

    When I click OK, Quicken creates the security.

    Now, you can use this security by name in a Buy transaction. 
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  • geophys314
    Huh, thanks for helping. I tried this but when I got an error saying that the ticker could not be found I quick. All I needed to do was say OK to a manual update.
  • Jon
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    The fake security symbol isn't restricted to just 3 or 4 letters either. I had the same issue with 401K funds, and I just made the fund symbol the same as the fund name. No chance of it accidentally matching some other security.

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