Opened Quicken today and everything gone

Today opened up my Quicken program from the Desktop short cut which is the usual way I open the program and it asked me for my log in ID and password. Ok, unusual but I entered the requested information and the program opened up with absolutely no data, nothing. I haven't tried but should be able to open up my most recent back-up but why would this occur? There has not been any recent updates and I used the program successfully yesterday. I did go to my Account page to verify the subscription information that was OK, and from there I elected to try reloading the program, when I saw the confirmation that all my data would be preserved I reloaded but still the same outcome. Again I should be able to get my data back but this is odd. Thanks for any help. Quicken Premiere, Ver R36.23, Build, Win 10 Home.


  • splasher
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    On the File menu, there is a "Find Quicken Files" selection, does it find the file?
    Where do you keep your data file? Full file name path?

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  • leggo
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    I had no problem recovering the last file the issue was weird that when I opened Quicken it was all empty as if I was just starting the program. Everything looked different I should have taken a screen shot but didn't. All seems fine now hasn't happened again so far. This is the latest back up path hasn't changed:

    C:\Users\(my name)\Documents\Quicken\BACKUP\(my first name) Quicken Data (2019_08_28_15_05 UTC)R-34.24-2021-10-29.QDF-backup

    I assumed the (2019_08_15_05 UTC) is some nomenclature internal to Quicken?

  • NotACPA
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    A BIG part of your issue is related to the length of your file name and the fact that, at some point, you opened a backup file and continued to use it as your primary file instead of RESTORING the backup.
    SO, copy that file to just ..\Documents\Quicken and SHORTEN it's name to just one word. 
    Any spaces in a Q data file name sometimes Q to think that the space comes AFTER the file name ... and them it can't fine a file that is solely your last name (and doesn't end in .QDF). 
    ALSO, change the .QDF.backup to just .QDF and then double click on the file to open it.
    All of the dates are times that you previously backed up the file (and them probably re-opened it).

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