Problem with Quicken Update, wanting to Add New Account for AMEX when there isn't a New account

Over the last few days, each time I do an One Step Update, I get a pop-up asking for my American Express log in (user name & password) to ADD a NEW Account. I cancel this, as my American Express is already connected and working fine, New transactions are coming through fine.

I believe this to be similar to the Capital One CC error found here:
Ticket # 8925351

Version R36.23


  • UKR
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    Please take a look at Tools / Account List, making sure to enable "show hidden accounts", or Tools / Manage Hidden Accounts, to see if there's an unexpected duplicate account lurking.
    AmEx credit card accounts use Direct Connect. Their account passwords are registered in the Password Vault. Access the Password Vault in Tools Menu, to see how many AmEx accounts are listed in there: 1 or 2?
    If, after all of the above, you can say for sure that there's only 1 AmEx account in your data file, I recommend you deactivate the AmEx account (Edit Account Details / Online Services / Deactivate). Shut down Quicken, wait a few seconds, then restart Quicken. Use the Add Account process as if you wanted to add a new AmEx account, but when you get to the list of accounts found at the bank, LINK the account found to your existing Quicken AmEx account register (if you don't link correctly, you'll end up with a second account register)
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    Tried everything, error still appears.

    1. Hidden Accounts.... yes, have two old AMEX accounts, plus current, active account (three total). One has Red stop next to it; one doesn't. Both old/hidden accounts show Not Available for Transaction Download.

    2. Password Vault only shows ONE AMEX

    3. Deactivated > Closed Quicken > Reopened > Went to Add Account > Amex > entered user/password.... selected existing account to link to (save password in Vault was checked) issues, worked fine

    Clicked on One Step Update.... and I still get the AMEX pop-up box to ADD account (again)... Cancel, are you sure Yes/No > Yes...
    Then once One Step is completed it does show that AMEX was updated and I have verified my transaction list is current. So for now, I'll just Cancel/close the ADD new account pop-up. As I mentioned in my first post, I think the issue is similar to the Capital One error reported by Quicken themselves??
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    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review the situation on your computer, to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it.

    Quicken Support:

  • MishawakaKirk
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    Ok, thanks. I feel as if that was a waste of my time.... 45 minutes, maybe longer.
    Did the Chat, screen share.... error continued to show up.
    The agent had me do about everything..
    Deactivate the account, remove account numbers; reactivate.
    Validate file (no errors)
    Report the problem to Quicken (did that twice). and another half-dozen process I don't remember.

    Anyway, the end result is it still happens, but I'm able to click Cancel on the Add Account dialog box and all accounts update correctly. The Agent said there were no other reports similar to the Capital One issue, so he didn't think it warranted 'reporting'... or creating a Ticket for them to resolve. He did give me a ticket number for MY call..... but I don't think it's going any higher up, until more users report the issue.

    Thanks for ideas to try...