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How do you do a spin-off for the Mac version (2017). The windows version had a transaction type for spin-off but Mac doesn't.


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    Yes, this is a shortcoming in Quicken Mac until the developers get around to addressing it. I'll refer you to three other threads on this site regarding this issue...

    1) There is an Idea thread (request for product enhancement) for this issue. Please take a few seconds to go to this thread and add your vote for it by clicking the little black arrow in the yellow box under the first post. More votes from users helps push ideas up the developers' priority list.

    2) This thread discusses how to deal with a spin-off if you have just one or a few transactions where you've purchased shares. 

    3) This thread has a more detailed discussion of the topic, and includes one user's somewhat complex but ultimately accurate way of doing such a transaction.
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    Can you treat the spin-off as a stock split, at least for the original stock? That way I would have the newest cost basis of the original stock?
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