RE: Property vs. Business Tags affect Tax Planner Data :(

Why is this discussion closed. I am having the same problem. How has this been addressed by development? How is this marked in the community posting?


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    Only a Moderator can close a post .... so one of them will need to respond to your query.
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    Just spent hours trying to figure out what I did wrong since I ran into same problem. I noticed that even as I specified "Schedule E:Rent Received" in the Tax Category, the detailed transaction shows the tax item as "Schedule E: Unspecified Rental Income", and there is no such line item in the Tax Planner.

    I don't use the Rental module at all. I bought it but after entering data for a rental property, I didn't think it's worth the hassle. If deleting the module allows the tax planner to work properly, I'd do it. I could not figure out how though.
  • thangtn
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    I think I found a work-around:

    Apparently when I enter a rental activity transaction in the Rental module, it creates a transaction in the rental account that i use to track rental income and expense, with the name of the rental property in the TAG field. So, when I create a new transaction directly on the rental account, without going thru the Rental module, I just add the name of property in the Tag field. And Tax Planner works!
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