Loan Depot Sync issues - CC-555 error

Can you please provide an update on this issue:


Quicken no longer syncs transactions into the account. I am getting a CC-555 error. The above thread indicates there was a open ticket with Loan Depot, however there is no subsequent update on this - can you please share an update.


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    Hello @yogeshmathur,

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    Please refer to this Community Alert for updates regarding this issue. Any and all available information and updates have been and will continue to be posted there.

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    This being a mortgage account, I recommend you maintain the mortgage account in Quicken as an offline account, not connected to the mortgage company for downloading.

  • Loan Depot stopped syncing for me months ago. I've reached out multiple times and would love to have a resolution on this. The error I get says aggregation_in_process and it just times out every single time I try to re-add the account.
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