How do I move Quicken 2016 from old laptop to new laptop?

I have Quicken Deluxe 2016, version R19.5 installed on an old laptop. I would like to install it onto my new laptop. The new laptop does not have a cd drive. I have the quicken data backed up on a flash drive.


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    There is no way to just move the program from one computer to another.  You have to install it and that requires having the Quicken 2016 installation program. 
    If you have it on a CD, you can copy it to a thumbdrive using a different computer (friend or library) and do the install from there.  If you saved it as a download, then copy it to the new computer for the install (you pick the method).
    Once installed, download / save / execute the Release 19.5 Mondo patch that you can download from this link:
    After that, you can do a restore of your backup.

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