Per Quicken Support, BlockFi has removed Quicken's ability to download transactions

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Can other people confirm this?  The customer support person verified this internally and explained it to me by having me navigate to the login dialog popup (Add Account->(Search for BlockFi)) and verify that the Advanced Options link to the right of the Cancel button was missing.  He told me that this was proof that BlockFi removed Quicken's connection.

I have never been able to connect to BlockFi since creating the account in July 2021.  The CC-501 error was always returned when trying to establish the online connection.  I saw recently that the error was resolved.  It isn't for me.  My ticket number is #8986990.

Quicken Premier R53.16 Windows 10 Pro USA


  • Tom Young
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    The current fidir.txt file as of today does show the ability to download from BlockFI
    67987    67987    67987    BlockFi    646-779-9688    ACTIVE                   BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    however if you're dealing with crypto transactions, Express Web Connect  won't work, you need Direct Connect for investment transactions.
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    @Tom Young,
    I forgot to reply after reading your answer.  Thank you for clearing up the issue for me.

    Quicken Premier R53.16 Windows 10 Pro USA

  • Tom Young
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    I was wrong in my blanket assertion that Direct Connect was needed in order to transmit investment information.  In fact, Schwab is now going in that direction using Express Web Connect+, another variation on the Express Web Connect theme.  But as you can see by the fidir.txt entry in my first response, while "BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO" is available to be downloaded, INVESTMENT is not included.
    That might have been a recent change on BlockFI's part but you'd need to be able to dig into an older version of fidir.txt to figure that out.
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    I haven't been following all of the cryptocurrencies threads so I might be wrong, but as far as I know, they (and their accounts) aren't support yet.  The cases where people could connect to some of these accounts has been because the accounts were being treated as a banking account, not an investment account.
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    BlockFi was working until 12/15. I only use the credit account. Did something change?
  • I also had BlockFi working for a credit card until 12/15.
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