How to have 2 SSA deposits each with different amounts use transaction reminder entry.

Bet this is more common than ever. My wife and I are on SSA, each receiving a deposit with different amounts and medicare part b's. When they are received into my bank register as Ssa, they both trigger the same transaction reminder entry with the same split. One is OK. The other needs to be edited in the register. The Memo field is unique between with a different SSA number/

Is there a way to each transaction use a different reminder entry? This may require some coding within Quicken.


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    I suggest using two income reminders and entering them in advance of the import. 

    Alternatively, if the downloaded memo field are distinct, you may allow Quicken to map the transactions to a distinct memorized payees.
  • How are reminders triggered? The Payee is the same - Ssa. The memo field is "ACH Credit xxxyyzzzzzA Ssa Ssa Treas 310 Xxsoc Sec" for one and "ACH Credit xxxyyzzzzB Ssa Ssa Treas 310 Xxsoc Sec" for the other.
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    You should know the dates that each SSA payment is made (what day of the month) and the amount.
    In your same situation, I just created 2 memorized and scheduled transactions and let them auto-enter.
    One is "SSA Payment xxx" where xxx is my initials and the other is "SSA Payment yyy" (her initials).
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