Target Red Card downloads stopped working (MAC)



  • jacobs
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    @GTeam Quicken normally downloads transactions once a day for each financial institution, so a transaction from yesterday may not have been downloaded to Quicken last night when it received it's daily downloads. (When you reset the connection, you forced a new download.) It's not unusual for transactions to take a day, or sometimes even two, to download into Quicken. It's only real-time with the few financial institutions which use Direct Connect connectivity.
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  • mannyg
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    I reconnected Quicken to resume downloading transactions for my Target RedCard from Target National Bank (as I have always been using).  It is now functioning properly.

    Glad we got that straightened out! ;)

    Thank you Quicken Team for your help with this.
  • Richard Anderson
    After reading that some have been able to direct download from Target RedCard again I decided to try it ... and voila, it works again. Unlike before they've found away to authenticate.

    The downloaded transactions are pretty much worthless for categorizing, but still it's nice to get the account reconciled.
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