Should I Update

I am running quicken 2008 on my system and it's been good to me. But I am getting ready to update my system and load windows 11 on it will I need to update to a newer version and If so will my data files convert over?


  • Tom Young
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    Your data files will convert to the subscription version but you'll need an "intermediate" step to get there.
    Go to
    and open "If you are converting from Quicken 2004 through 2009"
    After making the intermediate update to Q13 you can then upgrade to the subscription product.
  • Chris_QPW
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    In my opinion for the use case you are obviously using there isn’t a compelling reason to upgrade.  And I was using Quicken the way you were what I would probably do is upgrade to the free Quicken 2013 and stay with it.  That would give you a better chance of staying compatible with new versions of Windows, but at the same time not crossing over to where you are dependent on any thing from the Quicken servers.

    Note if you want to download transactions and use other online services that is a different use case that will require the current version of Quicken.

    • Quicken 2014, start if the requirement to use a Quicken I’d and register.  The Quicken I’d is free, one might not be able to reinstall if Quicken Inc ever goes out of business.
    • Quicken 2018, start of the subscription version, where you have to maintain the subscription or 25% of your screen will be filled with an ad to upgrade.  And you have to be using Deluxe or above so that it doesn’t become read-only when the subscription lapses.
    • Quicken 2016 this is the lowest “year version” that can read a Quicken subscription data file (it is backwards compatible).  All other versions of Quicken before Quicken 2016 aren’t backwards compatible.  If you convert your data file to a newer year version of Quicken it can’t be read by the older year version of Quicken.  For instance Quicken 2012 can’t read a Quicken 2013 data file.  But Quicken 2016 can read any data file created  in Quicken 2016 and later.

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