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Unable to Update CIT Bank Since 10/31/21. Deactivated and attempted to set up again to no avail. Error CC-502. How do I resolve this problem?


  • RVRV
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    Experiencing same issue. I understand CIT Bank just transitioned over to a new online banking service provider. All accounts had to be migrated. Quicken probably isn't aware of this yet.
  • trustpilot
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    Same issue. Went into the CIT Bank site directly to see if that would help - it didn't.
  • Jim Ostell
    Jim Ostell Member ✭✭
    I have the same problem.
  • Jim Ostell
    Jim Ostell Member ✭✭
    I just spent more than an hour with Quicken online support trying to tell them about this problem. They made me go through all sorts of ways to connect to CIT Bank, all of which ended with CC-502. They said they would send all the logs generated to their technical team. Just mentioning it so no one else spends hours with them doing these exercises. I hope they finally just contact CIT Bank and sort it out.
  • RCinNJ
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    Same problem with Quicken for Mac. I spent (too much) time with CIT support today. Supposedly the website was finished being updated today, but they couldn't get it to work either. They did send me to the following webpage which confused me because it talks about downloading a file and loading it into Quicken to get the Web Connect to work. The instructions for Quicken for Windows and Mac are a little different but they both mention downloading a file. If this helps anyone please let us know:
  • jsds241
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    Same issue for me when attempting to set up CIT bank for one step update. CC-502 error.
  • Quicken Alyssa
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    Hello all, 

    Thank you all for coming to the Community to report this issue, though I apologize for the delayed response. 

    As @RCinNJ, so kindly posted above, there seems to be a workaround for this until the transition has been completed on the bank's end. Please try to do the Web Connect method that he provided above. If that does not work let us know. 

    In addition to that, here is a link that you can provide to the financial institution in case they need to update their URL in Quicken

    Hope this helps!

    Quicken Alyssa

  • Jim Ostell
    Jim Ostell Member ✭✭
    The CIT Bank Express Web Connect seems to be working again. Word of warning though.. when you search in Quicken for the institution, Quicken presents "CIT Bank" as you type. However that is the wrong choice and doesn't work anymore (it used to). You have to keep typing and fine "CIT Bank Online" and connect with that. It appears they gave the new system a new name, but the old, obsolete name is still in Quicken. Maybe Quicken could remove the dead account name to avoid further confusion, or at least not have it come up as the first suggestion?
  • BrianDav12
    BrianDav12 Member
    Thanks Jim! I'll give it a try. Thank you also to everyone else for your input. God Bless!