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With the recent Schwab Reauthorization I had numerous transaction that were downloaded for a second time. The end result was with some securities the share balance is wrong. I can use the add and remove shares edit screen but I also need to adjust the cost basis. Is there an easy way to do this?


  • Jim_Harman
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    edited November 2021
    In the Add transaction, you can specify the acquisition date and cost basis. Remove will eliminate the selected lots with their current cost basis.
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  • Bob_L
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    Maybeq I am missing something about Schwab issues.  That is, why not just delete the duplicate transactions?

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  • jimconsid
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    The Schwab reauthorization has been nothing but a mess and a cost of my time. Numerous duplicate entries were downloaded as I worked through the reauthorization. Many of these additional entries involved entries that I previously changed to better fit how I keep track of my accounts. With all of my corrected accounts I had to make balance adjustments to compensate for the additional entries that downloaded that I could not correct or fine. I have two accounts that have not been able to go through the reauthorization update. Another account I have not been able to reconcile. This is after spending several hours with Quicken support. I will have to continue to work with Quicken support to get this resolved.
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