Quicken Mac transactions download but do not appear

James trudeau
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This affects my etrade banking transactions. They stopped circa Nov 11. I have disconnected and reconnected and confirmed that all is well. The account status window after download has info like "1 new transaction downloaded." For banking, those transactions are not listed. The register view for each of the checking accounts has all filters cleared. There are no new transactions after Nov 11.


  • The connection type for each of three accounts is Quicken Connect. This problem does not happen with brokerage accounts, just checking accounts. I note that the brokerage is using Direct Connect.... hmmm. Off to explore
  • The Direct Connection option is disabled for ETrade Bank, so I cannot try that. I am forced to either manually download (not acceptable) or use Quicken COnnect, which does not work properly. Guidance requested.
  • Downloaded a QFX file from ETrade Bank and attempted to import that file. The following error message appears: Quicken is unable to update this account because Web Connect support for your financial institution has been either temporarily, or permanently discontinued [CC-885].

    What's going on?
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    Just for the record, E*Trade Bank has never used Direct Connect.  It has always been the investment side uses Direct Connect and the banking side uses Quicken Connect on Mac (Express Web Connect in Windows).
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  • @Sherlock Thanks, appreciated. Seems like QUICKEN FOR MAC› DOWNLOAD, ADD/UPDATE ACCOUNTS (MAC) not right? But as I said, thanks.
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