Will the current version of Q be usable after the "contract" expires?

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I have Q Deluxe 2017. Thinking of upgrading. I have no need for the online bells and whistles. Since I can't just buy the program alone but must do the "plan", will it still be a useable piece of software for my needs. I understand support goes when the 'plan' ends and that is not an issue for me.


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    I would strongly suggest you stay with Quicken 2017. When your Quicken subscription expires, 25% of the screen is taken by renewal reminders.
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    If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-subscription-membership-faqs
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    Are you using Quicken Mac or Quicken Windows? I'm a Mac user, and there are some pretty tangible improvements to the program over the past 3+ years; I gather from some of the Windows experts here that the changes in Quicken Windows are much more modest and non-essential.

    If you purchase the current version, you'll get the next year with any updates that are released during that time. If you let the subscription lapse then, Quicken will appropriate about 20% of the right side of your Quicken window for a persistent message about renewing. It's obnoxious, but they apparently feel that without it, too many people might buy once every 3 or 5 years, and they are really trying to smooth their revenue with continual subscription renewals. If you feel you can be okay with losing that screen space and doing a little more horizontal scrolling at times, then you could likely be happy with the current version; if that would drive you crazy, then your choice is sticking with Quicken 2017 until it no longer works due to some future windows update or buying into the once-a-year-subscription price.
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    Thanks all for your input. Most helpful! I'll probably stick with 2017 (for Windows). I'm not very patient with annoying pop ups.

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