New Rules at Schwab - LLC accounts

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I have 8 files that are mostly for LLCs, all of which have Schwab accounts. When I disable and try to reenable them, only 4 accounts show up as authorized to link to Quicken. All were individual accounts. I found out Schwab and maybe Quicken have changed the rules so that LLC accounts will no longer be authorized to link (in fact any Schwab account for an entity in which the owner is the agent under Schwab's account definition will not be authorized to link). They are still figuring our corporations but they will probably also lose the ability to link. It's a pretty big deal and came with no warning from Schwab.


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    I can't see any Quicken would care how your accounts are managed, or for that matter how they would even know how they're managed.

    So far people have reported that LLCs, POAs, and view only accounts are not available for download.
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    Try a Brand New Quicken Data File. Name it Quicken-invest. It works.

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    I received this same feedback from Schwab Technical Services. In my case, it was two LLC accounts that do not appear on the "link account" screen. Schwab said it was for security purposes that they will no longer automatically download transactions, but offered no explanation why these accounts differed from other investment accounts. I agree with the original post this is big deal.
  • pmeyers
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    I tried the Quicken-invest, but same problem. By the way, Quicken tech support had no idea of the new rules. I don't think Schwab said anything before instituting this
  • David White
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    Try linking the llc accounts to schwab bank Investor C server. seemed to work for me but not sure about new transactions yet.
  • pmeyers
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    Still didn't work
  • mikey
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    @pmeyers - oh man, wish I'd come across your post a week ago. All I can say is everyone impacted by this needs to call Schwab and complain. Angry users get the hotfix.
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    @pmeyers just heads up that all my LLC accounts have suddenly appeared on the Quicken download tab on Schwab's Security Center page. Maybe they got the message? Hoping yours did as well!
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    Mikey, yes my LLC accounts popped up and I've set them all up. They didn't reinstate the view only accounts, but I'll live with that.
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