Quicken set up an account from Charles Schwab that I already have

In the issue with Charles Schwab I am still not able to download transactions for my accounts, and I did see a post that my wife's account needed to use her login at Schwab to work. I did that for her account and it did work, EXCEPT it created a new completely separate account. How do I merge it with the account I already have set up for about 20 years?
This whole Quicken Schwab thing is an absolute disaster! Who do we contact? Quicken or Schwab? This is unbelievable. My other accounts, brokerage and checking will no longer download anything and a trust account I am the trustee for another person is now downloading and I can't get rid of it even though I do not include it on the Schwab download screen.
Absolutely totally frustrated with Quicken!


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    You are not alone... it started with Quicken not recognizing the trust account, and with the newest update, it is downloading ancient transactions from non-schwab accounts and other bizzarre results. Several hours of chat and exchange of log files have left me with a ticket number. Hopefully they are doing something.
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    Hub said:
    How do I merge it with the account I already have set up for about 20 years?
    If the account is a bank account use this method to move the transactions from the old to new account.  Note you will probably want to keep the opening balance from the old account, and delete the one created in the new account.  Be sure to only move transactions that are duplicated.
    FAQ: How Do I Move Transactions Between Quicken Accounts? — Quicken

    If the account is an investment account you can move transactions by selecting the gear icon menu in the upper right of the register and select Move Transactions.
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