Still unable to download transactions from Schwab Accounts. Is there any progress being made?

I was able to 'Deactivate' all my brokerage and checking accounts in Quicken for Charles Schwab. I then reinstalled Quicken to get the SchwabSafe login screen to appear when adding a new account. If I don't reinstall I get the old login screen.

I give access to all accounts and the link the brokerage accounts. The checking account doesn't give the option to link to an existing account the only option is Don't add to Quicken.

It then goes through the linking and says it has download xxx days of transactions but there are no new transactions. I try an 'Update Transactions' it shows there are 8 new transactions and says No transactions to review. Everything is as it was on 11/17/21, the last day it worked.

I was following the Charles Schwab Update Issues (WINDOWS) discussion but it has been disabled and hasn't had a post since 11/23/21.

I have installed the R36.45 (QW27.1.36.41MPatch) patch that was listed in the Charles Schwab Transaction Download Changes post with no success.

I am now getting the CC-501 | 302167346533788416 "Unable to update these accounts because of an error on the Quicken server."


  • TPerk
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    I too have been pulling out my hair. Just now (11/26 0900) got off phone with Q Support. Schwab problems HAVE NOT BEEN FIXED. Best guess is early next week.
    Tom P In Sunny Virginia Beach, Va
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  • Doug Rousso
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    Hope so
  • indiggio
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    I have 2 Schwab accounts and a Capital One Visa account.
    I believe that both Schwab and Capital One are using this same 3rd party.
    I also think that whatever this 501 error is has to do with your account settings in Quicken's DB, as logging out and logging back in (If you are able to do that. Seem my other post will reset some setting in your account in Quicken's DB that will then allow you to authenticate your account.

    Regardless, Quicken and Schwab, Capital One, this 3rd party they're now using for authentication/download and whatever other bank(s)/brokerage(s) still have bugs to resolve.
  • Doug Rousso
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    They escalated my ticket to tier two.  I have a call back schedule in a week
  • indiggio
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    > @Doug Rousso said:
    > They escalated my ticket to tier two.  I have a call back schedule in a week

    Yeah, this issue needs to go up to the developers.
    The poor support people are just hacking away, doing their best to help, but the problems are deeper than what they can fix. That, or Quicken needs to put some developers on support to make them feel the pain!
  • lonnie87
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    I finally got my four brokerage accounts to download transactions. It downloaded all the transactions for the past three years. I had to manually deleted over 2,000 transactions but I am now balanced and reconciled.

    When I download the Schwab Checking account it shows a $0 balance and no new transactions. I am manually entering transactions and reconciling to keep it up to date until there is a fix. This appears to be an ongoing issue:

    I wish I could say what fixed my brokerage accounts but I tried so many things for about 2 hours a day for the past week. At one point Quicken had created a new checking account and just set it to my current balance. I was unable to delete this account. I had to restore from a backup prior to this and that is when my brokerage accounts downloaded every transactions.
  • lonnie87
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    :) Installed the update this morning and was able to link my Schwab Checking account and it shows the correct balance. I had already manually added the latest transactions and reconciled for the day. Hopefully, tomorrow it will download new transactions correctly.
  • bob2176
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    it hasn't fixed mine please give us a fix
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