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The debacle caused by Quicken with downloading Schwab accounts is unacceptable. It is a breach of representations we all relied upon in using this software. I have used Quicken for over 30 years and the expense me and all other users may experience is compensable. I will be filing a lawsuit in Florida for damages. I have paid for yearly subscriptions and have not received what was promised


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    Lawsuits are threatened all the time.  They NEVER happen.
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    Hi @gr8fuldan

    Pray tell - who will be the named plaintiffs your broker Schwab, or Quicken Inc., or both?  Will the purported damages be the entire yearly subscription cost, your brokerage losses, or something less?  Will this be a class action suit or an individual case?  Did you know that you "signed" an agreement limiting your rights to damages when you activated your application and that you agreed not to file a lawsuit, but rather you agreed to binding arbitration and that California law (not Florida) will govern?

    Maybe Schwab, would be a better target?  Just sayin'


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    It interesting what one might consider "damages".  The subscription at most is slightly over $100, and needs to be prorated because this didn't affect the whole year.

    Maybe Quicken Inc should consider giving you a refund and canceling your subscription, would that make you happy?
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    @JBorendame your comment doesn't seem to be on the same subject as the original post.

    Note as far as I have seen Quicken Inc hasn't changed their terms of use, and I would think it more likely that the contract/statements were between Intuit and Charles Schwab.  They are the ones that actually contact the financial institution's website/API and have the agreements with the financial institutions.
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    I've said this before but maybe they should just rebrand it Quicksand so people know what they're getting into...
  • RicoH
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    When I try to create links from the "new" accounts (zzz-Schwab) to those I have in my file, I often can't find the link. Moreover, my brokerage account is not listed as such. I get a choice of savings or checking accounts--not brokerage.
    I've spent hours on these problems, to no avail. I'm very disappointed in Quicken (and Schwab).
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    I erased the "zz", deactivated the account, then went to "add account" Search for Schwab but use Schwab Bank Investor C not Schwab & co. All my accounts showed up, but initally seemed to be described as "checking or savings" until I toggled it back and forth. It eventually listed accounta sbrokerage and let me link it to existing accounts

    But it is a bank account in function with deposits and withdrawals not sales etc. I can edit them however.
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