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How is it possible to have one ending balance in my credit card register and a different balance in my account listing? The difference is one transactions that I entered today. Something briefly flashed on the screen saying there was a "write error" of some kind, but it did not stay there long enough to read.


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    Did you try deleting that transaction and re enter it?

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    Personally if I saw a write error I wouldn’t trust that data file, I would restore from a backup.
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    Hi @""Richie 4566"

    Yes it is possible to have a different ending balance in an account listing and in the register depending on the timing - i.e. you have a future transaction entered in a register. Is this the first that you've seen this issue?  Exactly what is it that causes you to believe there is a problem, other than some pop-up that you didn't exactly see or understand?  Are you seeing error codes, are your accounts not connecting?  What is the actual problem?


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