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Could someone please enlighten me about Quicken renewal costs. I just received my Quicken renewal notice for amount of $53.55 (tax included). Costco sells my Quicken product for $39.99 (plus tax). Why does Quicken sell their product on-line directly to me for a cost greater than the cost offered by a retail merchant? Costco link - https://www.costco.com/quicken-deluxe-personal-finance-software-2021.product.100707964.html
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  • splasher
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    Quicken sells at MSRP with discounts for first time users.
    If they sold at a discount price, why would any retailer want to be in competition with that?
    There is nothing that prevents you from turning off auto-renewal on their website and buy from one of their retail partners.

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  • BK
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    @asharka , This sales approach is not unique to Quicken.  Most vendors have creative pricing strategies to attract new users, savvy shoppers and otherwise.  On most products Costco is typically (or used to be) cheaper which is why many shop there.  Costco sells movie theater tickets etc. etc. at a discount, right?
    Just make sure wherever you buy it from, you are buying the package that does NOT say "For New Subscribers Only".
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  • justangel
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    FYI: if you buy from costco, and try to activate that code in Quicken, YOU WILL GET AN ERROR:

    The product you purchased is for New Subscribers only, and you are an existing subscriber. You can request a refund for this product by going here. In your Quicken software, go to the help menu and select My Quicken Account to review your renewal options.

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  • jacobs
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    @justangel I'm just curious, is there anything on the package you received which says "new subscribers only"? If it's on the box, but not on the Costco website, then the fault is with Costco. If there's no indication at all on the package, then the fault is with Quicken. 
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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    @jacobs, I looked at the Costco website and can't find New Subscribers anywhere. Here's a screen shot. I would assume the fault is with Quicken since it's not on the box.

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  • jacobs
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    Greg, I agree that it’s not mentioned on the website. That’s why I was asking if it’s marked on the box. If the box says New Subscribers Only, then I blame Costco for shipping a different product than what they depict on their website. But if it’s not marked on the box at all, and the code inside doesn’t work for an existing subscriber, then I fault Quicken for not prominently disclosing that on the outside of the box.
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