Can I reinstall Quicken for Mac without the program automatically downloading old files?

I have erased and reinstalled MacOA Monterey and want to reinstall Quicken for Mac backup on a separate device? If I just reinstall Mac it will automatically download ancient files


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    If by "ancient files" you mean "previously downloaded transactions", then no, that should not happen.  The account setups, downloads and preferences information resides in the data file, not in the Quicken installation.  When you you want to download from your financial institutions it should download only transactions that have not previously been downloaded.  If your backup data file is from 1 month ago the process should download only transactions for the last 1 month.

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    @Silverstreak Your message is a bit unclear. You must reinstall Quicken Mac -- the program -- on your Mac. Then you must reinstall the data file, or most recent backup of the data file. This can be installed on a separate hard drive, if that it what you were intending. (It should not, however, be installed on any cloud backup service, such as Dropbox or iCloud.) Once you do this, you should be up and running exactly where you previously left off.
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    Thanks for your comment. When I have tried to install just the Quicken program, Quicken automatically downloads whatever quicken file SHOWS TO BE most recent. I am not asked to install the file.., it does so automatically. I am currently subscribed 'til late '22. If I am able to install the Quicken program "bare" then I can then download the most current file which is on a separate hard drive. Am I installing the Q program from an incorrect location? I am using
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    There are two things you need. The program, which is installed in the Applications folder. It sounds like you've already got that.

    Second is your data file. There is nothing to "download". You place your most recent the data file, or the most recent backup data file, where you want it on the external hard drive. Then double-click on that data file, and it will launch Quicken and open that file. 
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