Tax Free income in Income & Expense report

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why is my tax-free dividend income included with my regular dividend income in the income/expenses by category report? All tax-free accounts are designated properly. It was not like this before. Cannot reach Quicken support. Impossible wait


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    Even though it's tax-free ... it's STILL income.  Receiving it increased your net worth.
    What you need to be looking at is a TAX report.
    And I changed your subject of the thread to reflect your question.

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    I don't know if your reference to "the income/expenses by category report" is referring to a report you've generated by simply clicking Reports > Spending > Income and Expense by Category. or to some customized, saved report, but if you're seeing dividends included from tax deferred Accounts that has to be because they've been selected to "feed" that report.  You should be able to de-select those Accounts by clearing the check box next to them under the Accounts tab of the "Customize" window.
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