Only Income Displaying in Budget [edited]

After choosing budget categories nothing but my income source gets displayed. What can I do to make it work properly.


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    Have you tried looking in Quicken HELP (F1) for how to use Budgets?

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  • No answer there...thanks anyway. I've tried all I know to do with no success. I've used Quicken for more than 15 years and NEVER had a problem. All I wanted to do was upgrade and then the problem began. It seems simple enough but apparently not.
  • Scooterlam
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    Here is a recent and similar post you might find helpful:

    After checking to ensure that expense categories and accounts are selected for the budget, the OP found that performing a file validate operation fixed the issue.  YMMV, but have a look.   Please don't forget to backup prior to validation. 

    FWIW: Telling us that you've "tried all you know", doesn't give much information for those of us who don't know what you terms of budget usage.  Try to be more specific/descriptive/illustrative in terms of when you encountered the problem, what you are trying to do and what you have done on your own to solve it.  Its a complex application.

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