Farm Bureau card getting CC-503, quicken wants a second auth code but Farm Bureau didn't send it

CC-503 Not sure if the latest update or accessing Farm Bureau from a different location. But when I logged into Farm Bureau Credit card it asked to send the second authorization email or call. Quicken asked for it but Farm Bureau card never sent it.


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    Hi @Mntbiker01,

    I've seen this before on a couple of occasions.  If you haven't already, please take a look at this LINK and follow all the suggested steps.

    If the above doesn't help - the next step would be to go to your account at the Farm Bureau website and check your settings there.  It is possible that you may need to reauthorize 2FA there or change a setting on the bank's website.

    If the above doesn't work, one last thing that you should try when this happens is to shut down Quicken and then reopen it and immediately try to connect again.

    Get back to us with results, etc.


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    Turns out that Farm Bureau credit card login has a personal security code that you administer under your account information. That was set up correctly and it still wasn't working. Called Farm Bureau and they have made updates to their system, so that may be why it isn't working. The initial response was that we would have to do it manually. Download the quicken version from the website and upload it to quicken. I told the rep from Farm Bureau that, that would not be acceptable. Way to much trouble when all other credit cards work directly from quicken. I will update this when I have more information
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    Update: Rep from Farm Bureau card stated the auto download will no longer be supported. You have to use the manual download in the e-statement. Click the download symbol and select quicken. Clicking to open the file will update quicken. I had to link the accounts as Quicken created a new account. Interesting Quicken auto update appeared to log in this time but didn't find any accounts from Farm Bureau.
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    Second update: It appears the one step download is working again. Lordy. No one at Farm Bureau or Quicken could give me a correct status. I had already done the manual download. Which wasn't very hard. With Quicken open you just open the file download from Farm Bureau and it automatically applies.
    I'll send a final update when I have new transactions.
  • Hi @Mntbiker01,

    Thank you for contacting the community and for your updates. 

    We are happy to hear that you have found a resolution and we hope this has solved your issue. 

    Thank you, 
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