Schwab Account Errors with Two Accounts with the same last three digits

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I have two accounts with Schwab that have the same last three digits. Quicken has confused those two accounts. It reports that the shares in one account do not match what is reported by Schwab because Quicken is looking at the wrong account. It appears that Quicken may only be using the last three digits. Thanks.


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    " It appears that Quicken may only be using the last three digits. "
    I'm not sure if that's the case or not.  When setting up Accounts for downloading you are asked to make the mapping from the accounts found at the financial institution to Accounts you have in Quicken.  Is this mix up between the two Accounts something new, i.e., downloads used to go to the right Accounts, or has it been working in this fashion from the time of conversion to EWC?
    If the latter, I might try making a backup, disconnecting all Schwab Accounts (including any that are hidden) from downloading, and then trying to set them up for downloading again.

    ADDED: After posting my reply I found this thread
    where other users are experiencing the same problem.  One poster had the notion of asking Schwab to move his holdings in one of the accounts to another Schwab account with a completely different number.  Seems crazy to have to do this but it could solve the problem.  Before doing that though I'd suggest contacting Quicken Customer Care
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