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I am not able to download from Schwab for all accounts. Some accounts work, some accounts work sometimes, other accounts won't download. The problem seems to be the accounts that download are identified with a Connect Method of "Express Web Connect+". The accounts that don't download show the Connect Method as "Direct Connect". Can't figure out how to change the Direct Connect to Express Web Connect+. I have tried to deactivate and then reactivate the accounts, but that doesn't work. I have also tried to reset the account and that also doesn't work. Any suggestions how to get this to work or do I need to wait for Quicken, Schwab and/or others to figure it out? Thanks.


  • I'm having similar issues, despite Quicken saying they fixed all Schwab connectivity issues and sending an pretty weak apology email. Tonight one of my accounts had a flag saying there were updates - none showed up. I had to do a second update to actually see them. Then I find out the transactions should be reinvested dividends, but they show up as a pair of transactions each - a reinvested income (with no share value, so the cash does not appear in the account) and then a share purchase transaction. After trying to "fix" each pair of transactions to do the same thing as a single reinvested dividend transaction I find out that the share balances are off. I go to another account and see all the transactions are listed as Return of Capital, which I'm certain are wrong as well (I had to delete a bunch of them over two year's time frame to fix a share and cash balance in another account). I just spent HOURS using my end-November Schwab statements to clean up all the mess Quicken made to 7 of my Schwab accounts from the last time this wasn't working. Who at Quicken do I send the bill to for my lost time? I see Quicken wants my subscription renewal (money), but where is the accountability to fix things right on their end? I'm tired of paying a subscription that doesn't work and wastes more of my time, with no compensation offered by the Quicken team.
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    Hi @jemakat,

    Thank you for contacting the community with this issue, I am sorry that you are experiencing this.

    From what I understand, you are experiencing issues with accounts that are connected to Quicken through "direct connect" rather than "express web connect". Is that correct?
    Charles Schwab no longer supports "direct connect" through Quicken, the only connection type allowed now is "express web connect" also known as "Quicken connect". I suggest opening your Quicken application> bringing down the menu bar located on your desktop> clicking Quicken> then checking for updates to make sure your application is completely up to date. If your Quicken application is up to date then I suggest going through and deactivating everything connected to "ZZZ- Charles Schwab" and after that add an account and make sure that you are clicking "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." and authorize all of you Charles Schwab accounts and make sure that you are linking the accounts accordingly. 

    I hope this solves your problem, please let us know if the issue persists so we can continue to assist you and work through this together.

    Thank you. 
    Quicken Jasmine

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    While your suggestion will work, I don't want to replace my existing accounts with new accounts that would replace my existing accounts. Is there a way to change my existing accounts to recognize Charles Schwab & Co. instead of ZZZ-Charles Schwab?
  • Hello @jemakat,

    Thank you for your response!

    What @Quicken Jasmine is suggesting is for you to disconnect from the zzz instance and reconnect via Charles Schwab & Co. This would allow you to link to the existing accounts in your quicken. 

    To do this you will select one of the accounts connected to the old zzz instance of Schwab. Then click on Settings in the bottom right of the register. A window will open and you can click on Downloads at the top. Then click Disconnect Account. You will repeat these steps for all accounts still connected to the zzz instance. 

    Then you will reconnect the accounts by going up to the plus sign(+) in the top left of your Quicken. Select Brokerage, type in Charles Schwab & Co, and then go through the prompts. Your accounts will need to be authorized for use in Quicken from the Schwab website prior to this. When the accounts are found, there will be an action column that allows you to LINK to the existing accounts in your Quicken. 

    I hope this helps, let us know if you have any further questions!

    Quicken Alyssa

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    I have deactivate and then re-setup connection for each of my Schwab accounts. I am now getting error CC-800 when I try to update. I have been getting errors CC-506 and CC-503. I have tried deactivating all the accounts again and then resetting them up. This has not corrected the problems. What is the next suggestion?